Conflicts – contradictions, disputes and legal acts are costing energy, money and time and have always a looser.

Nowadays we are looking for new ways to resolve the conflicts
>on business
>on school
>on civil administrations
>on workplace
>in the families
>on inheritance
>on neighborhoods

What is mediation and what is the mediator?

Mediation is a voluntary process, proposing the way to resolve the conflicts together with the parties without having a looser. Even with a sentimental connection they are not able to resolve their problems and are asking for a neutral person, the mediator, helping to find the way to a common agreement. The mediator is supporting on a equal way to conduct their presentations and involvement to obtain an agreement accepted by all parties involved.

The mediation replaces the civil court.

The mediation is offering both parties to maintain their personality and their rights. The result of the mediation has to secure the agreement accepted by all parties for a long durable time. The mediation does offer the possibility the basic of a fruitful co-operation in the future.

When mediation can be used.  

>on a partnership, when a separation or a divorce is in mind
>in the family itself  

>in relation between clients and suppliers
>in relation of the public and civil administrations
>in relation on contrasting interest with partners

>in relation with the teaching staff and the students
>in relation with the teaching staff and the parents
>in relation with the teaching staff and the management of the school  

>to distribute or to subdivide the value of the heritage
>heritage already received, gifts, assistance offered without remuneration  

Workplace atmosphere
>in relation between colleagues
>by “Mobbing”
>in relation between leadership and employers

>constructions project
>shadows on the property, noise, bad-smell and rubbish
>other conflicts based on the nearby neighborhoods  

Publics and civil government offices
>between citizens and civil administrations
>between firms and civil administrations
>inside of the civil administration and government  

Education as Mediator at the University of St. Gallen IRP / Institut für Rechtswissenschaft und Rechtspraxis during 2009 / 2010.
Former education and long carrier as hotelier with diploma of the Swiss hotel association. Thank to this previous activities I have management skills and facilities with contact to people and knowledge of languages as German, Italian, English and French.

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